10 вакансій з sign-in-бонусами

Ми відновили публікацію регулярних добірок актуальних вакансій. Зараз ми робитимемо акцент на вакансіях з можливістю віддаленої роботи або релокацією.

Сьогодні у дайджесті 10 вакансій з привабливими sign-in-бонусами (вам запропонують від $500 за прийнятий офер). Щоб підписатися на нові вакансії за цим тегом — натисніть на посилання, встановлюйте необхідні фільтри доти, поки не залишаться тільки відповідні вакансії, а потім натисніть тумблер «підписатися».

Продуктова компанія iDeals — міжнародний провайдер і розробник рішень у сфері віртуальних кімнатах даних, захисту, пошуку, зберігання та аудиту документів, шукає спеціаліста зі знанням англійської та німецької на посаду Sales / Revenue Quality Assurance Specialist з бонусом за рекомендацію $750. Деталі вакансії:

Sales / Revenue Quality Assurance Specialist @iDeals

  • Strong Upper-intermediate level of English and German (B2-C1)
  • 1.5+ years of experience in a Sales position in international markets
  • Expertise in Sales processes, their key stages, and goals
  • Experience working with key metrics and process effectiveness indicators
  • Advanced user of Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Forms and CRM
  • Critical thinking and systematic approach to work with a focus on high-quality standards
  • Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to adapt well to change and successfully set and adjust priorities as needed
  • High level of learning skills (working with a significant amount of information)
  • Detail-oriented and well-organized person, commitment to quality work processes

[Remote/Relocate] [CTO] Chief Technology Officer (CTO) @BERDA

  • 15+ years of experience with an excellent understanding of different working-models like Agile/Scrum methodologies.
  • Direct experience with modern software design principles and technologies, including development for mobile & web applications.
  • Ability to drive accountability for systems deployment and monitoring across operational surfaces (ITSM / ITL).
  • Proven expertise in quantitative data analysis, implementation, operation and evolution of IT systems and their specifications.
  • Experience of software development lifecycle tools such as Jira and CI/CD processes & tools like Jenkins.
  • Ability to troubleshoot various technologies, from a simple command line, databased to complex programming languages (Java, Node.JS, MySQL, MongoDB) due to hands-on experience.
  • Experience of virtualization/container deployments like Docker, Nomad and Kubernetes.
  • Knowledge of automation/configuration management systems such as Ansible, puppet, terraform or other.
  • Extensive experience of using cloud service provides like Microsoft Azure and/or AWS from an architecture & costs point of view.
  • Any kind of experience with data warehouse systems (Snowflake) and the process (lile ETLs with Glue) would be a plus.
  • Experience managing international teams manager.
  • Experience establishing and working with Outsourcing/Outstaffing Partners.
  • Strong communication skills, able to translate complex technical stories into understandable and meaningful messages to the employees and senior management alike.
  • Shareholder and investor relationship management skills.
  • Willingness to travel, due to distributed teams.
  • Background in carrier billing, content aggregation and white labelled digital products would be an advantage.

[Remote] [Developer] Expert Fullstack JavaScript Engineer @BERDA

  • Exceptional knowledge of Backend & Frontend SW development using JavaScript & Node.js.
  • 8+ of full-time web development experience.
  • Experience with cutting-edge technologies and innovative software projects.

[Remote] [Developer] Senior Frontend React Developer @BERDA

  • Frontend JavaScript web development 4-5+ years.
  • React.js 2+ years.
  • Build custom UI components with CSS+React.js.
  • Nice-to-have knowledge of TypeScript.

[Remote] [Developer] Fullstack JavaScript Developer @BERDA

  • JavaScript (ES7+) – 3y min.
  • React – 2y min.
  • Typescript – 2y min.
  • Node – 2y min.
  • Unit testing.
  • English (conversational with the UK team).

[Remote] [Developer] Junior Frontend React Developer @BERDA

  • React.js – 2 years experience
  • Experience writing tests
  • Fluent English
  • Nice-to-have Skills: some knowledge of React Native and mobile development is welcome, worked in fast-paced Agile teams, MSc or equivalent in Information Technology/Software Engineering.

[Kyiv/Remote] [ArchitectSenior Solutions Architect @Liquid Technology

  • 3+ years working with computational use-cases and/or containers and orchestration.
  • Project management and leadership skills are essential.
  • Experience developing IT and cloud infrastructure.
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering preferred.
  • Current understanding of best practices regarding system security measures.
  • Experience with architecting and automating cloud native technologies, deploying applications, and provisioning infrastructure.
  • Experience architecting cloud native CI/CD workflows and tools.
  • Hands-on experience with microservices and distributed application architecture, such as containers, Kubernetes, install with helm.
  • Advanced understanding of business analysis techniques and processes.
  • Understanding of a variety of computational architectures and methods (e.g. cloud-native, microservices, AI/ML, HPC, etc.).
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and training skills.

[Kyiv/Remote] [Developer] Senior Software Engineer – CLOUD NATIVE @Liquid Technology

  • 3+ years experience in software development and deployment.
  • Experience deploying kubernetes on cloud and/or on-prem infrastructure.
  • Knowledge in distributed systems, APIs, cloud computing and scalability.
  • Experience programming in Golang.
  • Hands-on experience with Kubernetes, install with helm.
  • Experience with existing container technologies.
  • Experience working with hypervisor technology.
  • Excellent communication skills, and an ability to work independently and collaboratively as part of a remote team.

[Remote/Relocate] [QA/QC] Senior QA Engineer, Team Lead @DWELL

  • Be easy to work with (kind).
  • High attention to detail and the ability to prioritize and meet deadlines.
  • Fluent in verbal and written communication.
  • Approach the role with a positive attitude and growth mindset, ready to learn new technology and tools.
  • Knowledge of software QA terminology, processes, test planning, estimation, test methodologies.
  • Hands on experience with numerous testing approaches: GUI, cross browser, E2E, systems, regression, integration, and across web and mobile.
  • Experience with test automation, including Selenium and other web automation tools.
  • Ability to collaborate with product management and engineering teams in English to develop and execute a comprehensive set of test scenarios and report on test results.
  • Practical experience in designing test cases / scenarios, and finding complex boundary test cases.
  • Ability to perform RCA (root cause analysis) of issues to narrow identify problems.
  • Knowledge of load/ performance, security testing is an advantage.
  • Should have mobile devices (Android, iOS) to test application on different mobile platforms.

[Remote] [Developer] Ruby On Rails Developer @Apptopia

  • At least 3 years working professionally with Ruby on Rails.
  • Experience with ReactJS.
  • At least intermediate English.
  • Working on distributed systems.

[Remote] [DevOpsSenior DevOps Engineer @A-LISTWARE

  • 5+ years of experience in Linux/Unix environments.
  • 5+ years of experience in web development.
  • Experience with Azure
  • Infrastructure automation tools: Jenkins, Terraform.
  • Experience in developing CI/CD pipelines.
  • Experience with JavaScript, Node, Python, Go, Groovy.
  • Experience with Spark and DataBricks.
  • Experience with GIT.

Recruitika — сервіс анонімного моніторингу пропозицій про роботу від ІТ-компаній. Для тих, хто вже шукає нову роботу, не звільняючись з нинішньої. І для тих, хто просто хоче мати план Б. Дізнайтеся більше про те, як він працює тут.

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