Елена Авраменко

Мы - творческое агентство по разработке детских игр на мобильных платформах.

PopAppFactory - an independent game developer of digital educational applications for kids from 2 to 12 years old.

We make innovative and aesthetically perfect digital toys for kids that shift mobile experience from entertainment to education

PopAppFactory has already released more than 40 games and have surpassed 600 000 downloads; games are available in over 140 countries, in 12 languages.

"While developing iPad/Android games for kids, we make a strong accent on the educational aspect and aesthetic component.
It is rather challenging not to make a game for a game's sake, but to develop and improve various cognitive skills of a child.", PopAppFactory CEO Elena Avramenko told StartUp Beats.

PopAppFactory's applications are aimed to help children to learn useful things, stimulate imagination and creativity, all while having fun.