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Eleanorsoft is a software company located in Dnipro.

We provide complete Web Development Lifecycle services. Our all-encompassing experience linked with technical excellence in development, allows us to provide you with the most robust solutions at the highest quality.

  • New Product Development

    One of the ways we can help you meet your goals is providing a complete process of strategy and development when bringing a new product or service to market.

  • Product Customization

    For the majority of industrial companies, customizing products and services is among the most critical means to deliver true customer value and achive superior competitive advantage. The challenge is not to customize products and services in itself – but to do it in a profitable way.

  • Product Reengineering

    Product reengineering is comprised of taking an existing product, leaving most, if not all of the existing functionality, and adding new features and possibly improved usability. The Eleanor team, with their reengineering experience, can provide new architecture and improve product perfomance resulting in optimized end-user value.

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