18 June 2021
How to build Europe's largest esports agency: Interview with Vitalii 'V1lat' Volochai, Maincast co-founder
“I spent my first night in the Valley sleeping in the car on a hill in thick fog.” Interview with Ukrainian who sold his product to Binance
What changes for GlobalLogic's Ukrainian office after the deal with Hitachi
“55,000 TVs have been sold within a year since its foundation. It was a 14-fold leap.” Big interview with the Vice President of the Ukrainian brand KIVI
HoloLens AR headset facilitates shoulder surgery: interview with Ukrainian surgeon
“There were no rose-colored glasses”: how a Ukrainian frontend programmer relocated in Amsterdam
How Ukrainian became World Bank’s first programmer in Washington DC, declined $167,000 offer from Amazon, and launched her own startup
  • Ukrainian scientists prove recovery from coronavirus might boost immunity to SARS-CoV-2
    Evgene Vyborov talks about the sale of YayPay for more than €17 million: “The deal will serve us well”
    “Dnipro Hotel is the start of a major Ukrainian project.” Alexander Kokhanovskyy reveals details of the deal
    How Ukrainian got admitted to 4 Western universities and began working with data protection in the USA: interview
    “I am planning to invest about $2M in Ukrainian startups”: an interview with a venture capitalist from Kazakhstan
    “Food tastes like cardboard”: Ukrainian shares her coronavirus experience in LA