14 July 2020
“The deal was sealed in two weeks” Oleg Rogynskyy, founder of, on new round worth $60M
“This year we are planning to get half a million US dollars in revenue,” Ivan Danishevsky on ESM. One holding development
An interview with a Ukrainian who relocated to Amsterdam and got hired by PUBG
You still take a jitney in Ukraine even if you earn $2k: Ukrainian engineer on relocation to Paris and London
GUDfood founder Alexander Gudkov launches a feedback service Expirenza and gets 200 clients in Ukraine and the U.S. in just 4 months
«Rebranding is the path of least resistance for a business owner.» Interview with the managing partners of the Aimbulance agency
  • “We have no direct competitors in Ukraine”: interview with TOP Manager of Glovo startup
    “You are a polar explorer and there is no way back, the icebreaker is gone”: an interview with a sysadmin of the station in Antarctica
    Yaroslav Azhnyuk, Petcube: «I think Amazon may want to buy us. We make products that may be of interest to them»
  • How DreamTeam conducted ICO and received $5 million from Mangrove: interview with CEO Alexander Kokhanovskyy
    Two friends from Odesa opened 16 virtual reality clubs “Cube” over 2 years. Income from each club reaches up to $5,000 per month