21 November 2019
“You are a polar explorer and there is no way back, the icebreaker is gone”: an interview with a sysadmin of the station in Antarctica
Yaroslav Azhnyuk, Petcube: «I think Amazon may want to buy us. We make products that may be of interest to them»
  • How DreamTeam conducted ICO and received $5 million from Mangrove: interview with CEO Alexander Kokhanovskyy
    Two friends from Odesa opened 16 virtual reality clubs “Cube” over 2 years. Income from each club reaches up to $5,000 per month
    Dmitry Zaporozhets, GitLab: “I believe that GitLab can be called a Ukrainian startup”
    Roman Kirigetov, Kabanchik, “I can abandon business for three months and it will continue successful running”
    Michael Balyasny, CEO Attendify: “Entrepreneurship is a disproportionate result when using the limited resources. Ukraine is going in the opposite direction.«
    Andy Baynes, a former Apple employee talks about doing business in Ukraine: “People are driven by innovations here”
    “It is one thing to live on investors’ money, and another one – to build sustainable business, rapidly expanding on a conservative market”