17 April 2021
“Everyone is getting same basic salary,” says Yaroslav Azhnyuk, CEO of Petcube, about coronacrisis
«We plan to open an office in the U.S. in 2020,» Kirill Bigai, Preply
Founders of monobank launch project Koto in UK, investing $3.5M. Details of the project are in the article
Ukrainian gets job at the top agency and moves to New York: interview
How I got the rights to bring Stephen King’s short story to screen for $1: interview
Yuriy Antonyuk, EPAM: “No party has an IT development roadmap”
“Cumulative turnover of orders made on the marketplace has reached $2 million a year,” says Anton Avrinsky, Liki24
Odesa physicist creates 110 dB acoustic system out of a coconut with a €14k price tag
An interview with Ukrainian Postmodern Studio that helped create ‘Chernobyl’ and a Chinese blockbuster
Life and work in New Zealand – an interview with Dmytro Veselov
Ukrainian Dmitry Gerasimenko created Ahrefs service: now it earns millions and competes with Google
“The deal was sealed in two weeks” Oleg Rogynskyy, founder of, on new round worth $60M
“This year we are planning to get half a million US dollars in revenue,” Ivan Danishevsky on ESM. One holding development
An interview with a Ukrainian who relocated to Amsterdam and got hired by PUBG