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AIN.UA » 2 Minute Value-Proposition and the 8 Keys for Engaging Customers
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2 Minute Value-Proposition and the 8 Keys for Engaging Customers

Место проведения


Украина, Kyiv, 10 Khreschatyk Street

Join us for another FREE training for women-entrepreneurs, organized with the support of the Estonia Development Cooperation!

During the workshop Steve Schultz will talk about a 2-Minute Value Proposition which is the difference between what we do and why we matter to customers. It is the key to unlocking a customer's interest and the backbone to selling with confidence. Having a properly defined "2-Minute Value Proposition" assures potent, consistent and effective front-end customer engagement every time.

The second point will be the 8 Keys to Gaining Control of the Sales Process, the actions that we can take to control our message and gain more control over how our customers know our solutions.

The workshop will be flowed by a Q&A session.

About the speaker:

With over two decades of sales, marketing, management and media experience Steve Schultz is an expert in front-end sales, initial customer engagement, “core” value-proposition and how the “front affects the close” within the sales process. With a primary focus toward small and medium sized companies his company is geared toward maximizing effort in sales rather than simply increasing marketing spend.

FREE participation upon registration.

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