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Crypto Valley Switzerland – opportunities for business

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Украина, Київ, Дорогожицька, 3

In a framework of Kyiv Investment Week - the series of top tier events with a strong concentration of entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem players - we invite you to peer-to-peer meeting with @Ralf Glabischnig, co-founder of Lakeside Partners, a leading early-stage investment company in Crypto Valley.

Entrepreneurs. Invested. Involved. This is the core mindset that Ralf embodies. He has 20+ years of experience as a business and IT consultant, possesses extensive expertise in transforming the finance and insurance industry, as well as a diverse entrepreneurial background stemming from several ventures and advisory board positions. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn more about the blockchain ecosystem of Switzerland and investment opportunities for business and startups!

More about the speaker @Ralf Glabischnig:

  • Co-founder of Lakeside Partners, a leading early stage investment company in Crypto Valley.
  • Managing Partner of Inacta a major Swiss Information management solution provider offering Blockchain solutions on Ethreum.
  • Strongly focused on delivering "Distributed Ledger Technologies" solutions for corporate entities and supporting startups in the blockchain space.
  • The initiator of Europe's largest Blockchain Competition and co-founder of the Crypto Valley Association, committed to developing the blockchain ecosystem both in Switzerland and worldwide.

Language: English (without translation)
When: 19:00, October 15th, Monday
Where: UNIT.Core event hall, B1 Building, UNIT.City, 3 Dorohozhytska St., Kyiv.

Moderator: Pavel Kravchenko, Founder Distributed Lab, a venture dedicated to advancing the cryptocurrency and blockchain state of the art through independent R&D, government projects, collaborations with national universities, and standard-setting initiatives. Beyond operating as a successful business, Distributed Lab has as a core mission developing cutting-edge enterprise tokenization solutions, laying the groundwork for the coming “Financial Internet”. 

Get tickets: 400 UAH

Organizers: UNIT.City and Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine / Посольство Швейцарії в Україні.

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