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Enterprise from different angles

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Место проведения

Gogol Hub

Дніпро, вулиця Гоголя, 26

With outsourcing business evolving, Ukrainian IT has discovered the ability to move from simple out staffing (body shop) to implementation of an end-to-end solution to its partners. The most desired client has become Enterprise due to their budgets and low knowledge in Software Development. Enterprises are treasures that are very hard to win, since they are demanding and competition is high for them, therefore every step gives you feeling of walking through the minefield. Let’s look at experience and take on enterprise from different angles of engagement.

Let's learn more about our speakers:

Dmytro Ovcharenko, Solutions Architect at SoftServe.
Topic: Architecture Forest or how to deal with Enterprise


Dmytro will talk about Architecture methodologies, founders of Software Architecture and The Open Group Architecture Framework – standard for Enterprise TOGAF 9.2. It will reveal secrets how to plan architecture keeping in mind worldwide standards.

Natalia Bondarenko, Delivery Manager at SoftServe.
Topic: Single point of trust – communication pattern.


Do you know a convenient time to meet with New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada, and the USA? Let's talk about this and other choices we make when we act as a trustworthy partner of multiple entities of one enterprise.

Yevhen Fedorenko, Project Manager at SoftServe.
Topic: Moving up in the chain in Enterprise business environment.


Be fast or be dead, and why growing with Enterprise is essential to stay Enterprise’s partner for future. Different views on how to build a relationship with a complicated structure of enterprise management.

Sergey Zhuravel, Business Analyst at SoftServe.
Topic: Changes. Do you want some?


Scope creep is a common problem for any project. You may face with it in single-page website or enterprise integration system.
We will talk about scope management in enterprise project from different viewpoints - client, business analyst, project manager, and team. How communication management may affect you scope, how to cope with dozens of stakeholders with “great ideas” and build predictable, but change-based development model.


18:00-18:30 – Registration&Welcome coffee
18:30-19:00 - Natalia Bondarenko"Single point of trust – communication pattern."
19:00 – 19:30 - Dmytro Ovcharenko "Architecture Forest or how to deal with Enterprise."
19:30 – 19:50 – Coffee break
19:50 – 20:20 - Sergey Zhuravel, "Changes. Do you want some?."
20:20 – 20:50 - Yevhen Fedorenko, "Moving up in the chain in Enterprise business environment."

Location: 26 Gogolya str., “Gogol Hub”
Date: 28.02.19
Price: 299 uah
Registration: http://bit.ly/2Wx2Y1p

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