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Garage48 Empowering Women Hackathon Kharkiv 2018

Место проведения


Украина, Харьков, ул. Благовещенская, 1

Watch out! Garage48 is coming to Ukraine for the next Empowering Women hackathon already! This time the destination is Kharkiv!

Why so soon? Is it because Ukrainians are full of love for new challenges or is it because Garage48 is being so impatient for more and more impact? It’s both actually, but there is more to the story.

The demand for these consequent events is shaped by the current status of business dynamics regarding gender and productivity. Even though IT-savvy labour is in great demand for many industries, and despite of widespread promotions for tech careers among women, it seems the ideal diversity is yet nowhere to be realized. Recent studies revealed that gender-balanced teams make a significant difference in team effectiveness and outperform both predominantly male and predominantly female teams. However, the stats are still indicating to a displeasing picture:

  • From 1980 to 2010, 88% of all IT patents were by male-only invention teams, while 2% were by female-only invention teams.
  • Today, only 25% of computing jobs are held by women. This is a number that has been on a steady decline for years.
  • Only 5% of leadership positions in the tech sector are held by women; they make up only 7% of partners at top 100 venture capital firms.

We believe that if we approach to the matter on a grassroots level, we can affect some real change. Garage48’s worldwide experience in enabling promising venture entrepreneurs to deliver impactful results within a short yet efficient period of time is trusted by many global and leading companies, therefore we teamed up with Beetroot and YEP in partnership with Estonian Development Cooperation to initiate the winds of change.

After all, the potential is out there based on recent studies, just waiting for us all to give it a nudge:

Women are more likely to launch education businesses.
Women are determined to run sustainable businesses.
Women are ready to go that extra mile to see their companies grow. 57% of women business owners expect their revenues to increase in 2018.

It seems like they have the background. They have the skills. They definitely have the mindset and spirit. We are here only to give a little nudge so they could also have the opportunity. BUT, we need your help to minimize the restrictive barriers and stereotypes for women to boost gender diversity at tech-business life.

Just to be clear, this event is for everyone! No restrictions are allowed in this zone: all genders, ideas, topics and background are more than welcome! Synergy and diversity are vital for innovation and growth; which is why you are all invited to take part in this powerful hackathon! Let’s show the world how impactful the results can be once the right alliance is set.

What to expect from Garage48 Empowering Women Kharkiv Hackathon: 

Prepare for 48 hours full of fun, coding, building, designing, marketing and thinking BIG! If you’re ready to think outside of the box, meet like-minded people and get empowered, this event is for you!

We expect BOTH GENDERS with DIVERSE SKILL SETS - developers, designers, marketers, visionaries, project managers - to come together and work on their ideas with a target to have fun while doing it!

Everybody will get a chance to present their idea on Friday (December 7) in a 90-sec pitch.

Teams are formed on the spot around the best ideas (so please, do not worry if you don´t have an idea at all - you are more than welcome to the hackathon!). 48 hours that follow, will be filled with vibrant community energy, brainstorming and hard work, all in order to turn the initial idea into a working prototype. All the teams will be supported by top-notch local and international experts. All the finished prototypes/apps/platforms will be presented at the Sunday finale and the best teams will receive rewarding prizes that will enable them to develop their ideas even further!

Before the hackathon, we will have a pre-event where we can all get to know each other, mix & mingle, share the ideas and get a better understanding of what will happen at the main event. It will be powered by Startup Estonia, whose representatives will have the stage to give us inspiring and empowering speeches to get us in the mood for the weekend marathon! 

The intense hackathon session will be followed by a celebratory evening event where you get to have a drink and unwind while enjoying the company of brilliant minds surrounding you!

The event is organized by Garage48, Beetroot and YEP in partnership with Estonian Development Cooperation.
Ticket price for all 3 days of the event is just 150UAH for the EARLY BIRDS for 2 weeks. After that the ticket price will be 200UAH. Ticket price includes meals and coffee at the venue.

Registration and ticket sales

For more information, visit our website
Have any questions? Contact us at info@garage48.org

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