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Getting to the top: drive, passion and focus

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+ 38 (044) 490 66 35
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Kyiv-Mohyla Business School

Київ, вул. Волоська 8/5, корпус 4
The subject of leadership is a popular topic but very few know how to make it practical.  We all recognize leadership when we see it, but is it a skill that is taught? How do you define it?  Are you born with the natural ability to lead?  In this session we will explore the connection between leadership, management, coaching and planning:  all four are critical to lead a business or a team.
Leadership is the key that accomplishes all four disciplines.  Without leadership a vision becomes only a dream.  In this 90 minute session, we discover things:
  • The difference between good leadership and good management.
  • The single common quality of every great leader:  Optimism and how to achieve it
  • How to answer 4 questions every team member asks of their leader.
  • How to move from chaos to clarity as a leader:  maintaining drive, passion and focus.
  • How to stay in control as a leader:  goals vs. desires.

Lecturer: DR. RANDY MARSHALL - Speaker and Writer, President of Speakers College. Author of three books on Graduated from the University of Arkansas and Western Seminary with Masters Degrees. Rhodes Scholar nominee; Ph.D. in Communication Communication coach from 1987, who provided his services to 12 Fortune 100 companies. Spoke on the 210 conferences for top and sales managers in investing and finance companies.


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