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Startup Investments with Security Token Offerings

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Киев, Kozhumiatska St, 10

Learn how Security Token Offerings work to finance your startup, how they work for investors and how they disrupt the financial industry.

Startup Investments with Security Token Offerings - by Assets on Blockchain

Language: English

We are proud to present the Kyiv edition of “Assets on Blockchain”. Assets on Blockchain is the world’s most reliable source for information about Security Token Offerings and Financial Applications of the Blockchain. This meetup will cover the following aspects:
Security Token Offerings (STOs): What is the new method of Fundraising about?
How can I collect money for my startup with an STO?
STOs for investors: Which advantages and disadvantages do STOs have?
Marketing-Hacks: How to raise 2 million US-Dollar for your startup

We are very happy to have Max Kops personally as a speaker of this Meetup. Max has written the bestselling book AssetsOnBlockchain.com and is a renowned speaker on conferences all over the world. He will be in Kyiv on 19th of September and share his thoughts.

Attendance is free, but please register. We can only guarantee a seat for members who sign up in advance, otherwise the attendance is subject to availability.

By the way: If you also want to share your thoughts and experience on the Meetup, please contact contact@maxkops.com. We are happy to welcome various people to share their opinion.

AssetsOnBlockchain.com is providing knowledge in the field of Security Token Offerings and financial Blockchains applications. The book "Assets on Blockchain" provides an entrance into the world of security tokens and, along with a lot of material on AssetsOnBlockchain.com, helps people to leverage the potential of security tokens.

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