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STOP motivating your employees (Practical workshop)

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Kyiv, 10 Khreschatyk St.

If you find yourself thinking ‘How can I create more responsibility and engagement with my colleagues? How can I motivate people in our team?’, then this session is for you. We will be looking at ways of creating an ‘adult-adult’ relationship and how can you still be a powerful leader or colleague without the constant need to motivate other people.

Join us for an informative, practical workshop (with real company case study) about self-management practices and a new paradigm of leadership that makes it possible!

First, you'll learn about self-management movement in the world and current trends. Andreas Flodström, co-founder of Beetroot (Swedish-Ukrainian IT company), will share his journey of building a flat organisation, and the ups and downs of this route.

In the second part of the workshop Vera Budean, Tuff trainer and coach of self-managing teams will facilitate a practical session about the emerging leadership paradigm. We will explore how you can view leadership and its role in a more empowering way and train some new skills leaders today need to develop.

Is your vision to develop an organisation with highly motivated, self-driven, engaged and responsible employees? If so, we look forward to meeting you and introducing our way of coaching leaders to develop successful teams.

Tickets are available here
Event Pricing
350 UAH on pre-sale
400 UAH on the day of an event.

When: on the 5th of September, 2019. Starting at 18.30.
Where: iHUB; Kyiv, 10 Khreschatyk St.

This event may be valuable if you are a founder, CEO, project manager, agile coach, HR or one of the other professionals who take leading positions in the company.

The event will be held in English.


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