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AIN.UA » Strategic Selling & Fundraising: How to close $10M deal
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Strategic Selling & Fundraising: How to close $10M deal

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Київ, Дорогожицька, 3

We’re thrilled to invite you to meet Mario Berta, Founder and CEO FlySpaces, a Visiting Professor at IE Business School in Madrid, Senior Consultant and global professional with extensive experience in strategy, leadership, innovation and expansion.

Mario Berta, successful entrepreneur, investor and former contestant in the famous business reality show “The Apprentice”, will teach you the art of a deal. Whether you are a business owner or a company manager, the big part of your working day has to do with negotiating, selling or persuading. You’ve probably been to quite a few sales workshops and heard about many “secrets” and “newest trends.” But … they don’t always work! 

Forget about sophisticated sales techniques. Mastering the basics of sales such as impeccable preparation, perfect pitch and persistent follow up is 99% of what you need to do to close a 10 Dollar deal or a 10 Million Dollar deal. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to become a real deal maker!

On the meeting we will examine:

  • How to master persuasion skills from sales to hiring and fundraising 
  • How to close deals on different stages of sales process
  • How to sell with ethics
  • Rules of persuasion and sales steps
  • B2B and B2C sales
  • Reasons of failing to close a deal

More about the speaker Mario Berta:

  • Founder and CEO of FlySpaces.com a tech-startup that empowers SMEs to get access to flexible office and retail space. Raised more than USD 3 Million from regional investors in the SEA’s region.
  • Area of expertise: Startups, tech / E-commerce, Mobile Payments, Social Media, Telecoms, Advertisement, Business Development / Sales, Training and Coaching.
  • Senior Consultant in the PLDT Group (Philippines’ largest Telecom and conglomerates) and various Conglomerates. Consulting about innovation, digital transformation, sales and Start-up Culture.
  • Formerly Nova Founder’s director for growth, a tech incubator and VC firm that boasts among its investor Richard Li (among HK’s richest tycoon) and Asia Regional Co-Founder of Rocket Internet’s Easy Taxi.
  • Built, managed and trained successful sales teams in Africa and in the APAC region, including Papua New Guinea, Macau, Angola, Nigeria, Philippines, Malaysia and Hong Kong. “Asia Expert” by founding and running multiple businesses for 6 years +

Language: English (without translation)
When: 19:00, October 18th, Thursday
Where: Chasopys.UNIT event hall, B2 Building, UNIT.City, 3 Dorohozhytska St., Kyiv.

Get tickets: 400 UAH

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