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Why the heck people do go to work?

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SoftServe HQ

Lviv, Sadova, 2b, 101 room

What could be better than a workshop about motivation combined with yummy pizza & cold beer? Nothing! Besides, we are always welcome to see our ex-coworkers in SoftServe (because there are no exes for us), but what is much better to collaborate with them.

That’s what we are going to do on the 4th of September together with Roman Onyschenko. Roman is a Director of business process optimization and support department in JSC KREDOBANK with vast experience in Project Management and Business Development. He will moderate the workshop at our new Anonymous Agileholics meeting, and you are welcome to join it!

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We’ll discuss:
Motivation vs. stimulation: who will be the winner?
Is it bad to be Agile without true Agile values.
Reasons why people are faking motivation and find out what to do about it.

As a result, you’ll find the most answers you asked yourself and others about motivation. We’ll try our best to understand whether it is possible to stimulate teammates while motivating them and research true agileness. Are you with us?

Ticket price: 199 UAH

There is a 25% discount for SoftServe and 90% for students (More details here). We have a limited quantity of tickets for students, so hurry up!


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