Работа в Киев  || 15

7 д

• Search for potential new clients from the USA and Western Europe • Preparing business offers • Handle objections •

7 д

You will participate in the development of the new products/mobile applications of an international company. 1. The first project is

9 д

работа с Google Ads; оптимизация кампаний, проведение сплит-тестов и т.д.; поиск альтернативных методов закупки, альтернативных продуктов для закупки (в том

21 д

организация разработки, запуск и развитие продуктов в dating индустрии; исследование особенностей работы в различных юрисдикциях и адаптацией продукта; мониторинг ключевых

93 д

What are you going to do? (and not only during your first 3 months) Interact with existing customers via text

170 д

- Development of new functionality - Implementation of features from high-level specifications

170 д

— Provide technical expertise in the areas of codebase architecture, systems management, and testing— Ability to come up with sustainable

170 д

• Develop Internal CRM system• Daily communication with the customer• Desired Intermediate level of English

170 д

• Development of new functionality• Development of microservices• Existing code alteration• Daily communication with the customer

205 д

— Following solid design and high-quality implementation practices — Development of Internal CRM system — Daily communication with the customer

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