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18 д

Participation in pre-saleDesign architecture and implementation of media client solutions from scratch.Validation and discussion on design topicsSolution driver and contributorTechnical

18 д

Understanding business objectives and developing models that help to achieve themApply AI/ML technology to solve real problem for market available

741 д

Разработка нового функционала и поддержка существующего. Функциональное, блочное тестирования. При необходимости - рефакторинг и изменение архитектуры.

741 д

Establish an internal communications strategy Ensure organizational initiatives and projects are successfully communicated to employees and stakeholders Plan, edit and

742 д

Создание и развитие конструктора сайта, целью которого будет конструирование готовых сайтов для пользователя; Поддержка Web и Mobile версии конструктора сайтов;

925 д

      Promote SoftServe’s competitive advantage as Best Employer Organize SoftServe external events (meet ups, user groups such as

173 д

Developing the new functionality to extend platform capabilitiesGather metrics on usage regarding system login and auditingIntegrating APIs with existing technology

266 д

Личные качества:- Проактивность (!!!);- Ответственность;- Инициативность;- Умение работать в команде;- Умение быстро разбираться в новых технологиях;

547 д

We are looking for a Project Manager with agency or digital products experience to work on design and consulting projects in

638 д

Our team will be working on development of web application from scratch. Our customer is a global market leader that

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