Работа Android  | 7

1 д

You will be working on various projects with our highly motivated team.

2 д

Work on native large-scale Android applications with a keen attention to detail and bug-free code. Take initiatives in leading projects

8 д

Our customer is a company that provides cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services. Сustomer develops a platform for

10 д

What you’ll do: Push the limits of mobile devices and create great user experiences; Build smooth, stable, and fun products; Develop

10 д

What you’ll do: Developing C++ JNI wrappers for C++ Core Optimizing our C++ Core for working on Android Doing profiling of native code on different CPUs

11 д

Design and build applications for the Android platform Write code that is consistent and clean both in formatting style and

24 д

Design and develop new product features into our App Optimize and maintain existing source code Implement new technologies to maximize development