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maintain and implement additional features to the website for millions of people all over the world; be participated in all stages of

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As a Lead RoR developer, you will be leading a team, involved in creation and extension of internal and consumer

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Project is the leader in Data Driven Decision Making for school districts. It helps districts improve efficiency and increase student

13 д

Розробка та подальша підтримка web-застосунків, створених на Ruby та за допомогою фреймворку Rails. Проектування, розробка і тестування застосунків на основі функціональних та unit-тестів, відповідно до стандартів компанії та кращих

23 д

Architecting Designing and developing web applications` backend.

26 д

The position is to take on a core role in developing a web distribution platform for one of the hottest consumer products in the fast growing sector. The

26 д

Lead Large Scale Web Product Development. It will include architecture planning, team leading, recruitment of new team members, deployment and development. Day

26 д

PSD -> HTML/CSS Javascript implementations Architecting, designing and developing web applications