AIN.UA » HR Director / VP of Talent
вакансия в архиве
задачи на первые 3 месяца
  • Develop and implement company-wide recruitment strategy, including communications and events for employee branding;
  • Work hands on to identify and recruit the best specialists in in engineering, design, product and marketing for our Kyiv office;
  • Build up the recruiting team of in-house and contracted specialists;
  • Take on occasional recruitment projects for our offices in Shenzhen and San Francisco, in collaboration with local recruiting professionals;
  • Oversee company-wide people-related policies and processes;
  • Implement Silicon Valley best practices in management, evaluation and appraisal processes;
  • Establish and track key metrics in recruiting success, productivity, and happiness;
  • Organize and participate in industry events;
  • Oversee internships program in Kyiv office;
что понадобится
  • BA/MA degree;
  • Fluent spoken English;
  • 5+ years experience in leading HR positions;
  • Strong project management skills;
  • Strong understanding of current technology trends;
  • Strong communication and presentation skills;
  • Ambition to be one of the worldwide best professionals in the field;
  • Flexibility and readiness to work in ever-changing environment;
  • Proven track record in recruiting tech talent and building teams;
  • OKR experience is a bonus
почему мы

о компании

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