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As Head of HR, you’ll be in charge of one of Dev-Pro’s biggest and most important operational departments. Currently, this team consists of 16 people and we’ll continue to expand it in line with the company’s growth. The team is divided into two sub teams – the Kharkiv HR team, and the Regional HR team – each having an HR Lead. Dev-Pro’s HR Department is in charge of adaptation, people partnership, motivation and retention, exit processes, and office management within the company. Other processes are handled by separate departments. Your responsibilities will include: developing HR strategy and branding; transforming existing HR processes and metrics to meet the reality of a company of 500-600 people; budgeting; team management; close collaboration with Heads and Leads of others departments (Finance, Recruiting, Events, PR, Training, Travel & Hospitality). With responsibility for one of the critical company processes, you’ll become a key person member of Dev-Pro and will work closely with the Top Management.

You have a unique opportunity to join the company in this period of transformation and to have a great influence on: company’s culture; the formation, adaptation and automation of our HR processes; setting up the work of HR in our new offices; and becoming a part of our success. We encourage fast decision making and you’ll work in an environment where people are not afraid to implement changes and achieve goals that may seem impossible for others.

As a company, we are ready to support you. You’ll work closely with the COO of Dev-Pro.net and other Top Managers and will have access to guidance and expert advice from our leaders. We are ready to invest in your professional development, as well as that of your team. We love to see our people grow professionally, and propose quarterly training for the HR team, in addition to continuing to provide reimbursement for attending conferences and training courses.

что понадобится
  • 5+ years’ experience in IT HR
  • 3+ years’ experience in lead / managerial positions
  • Experience of managing a team of 10+ people in a company of 200+ personnel
  • Experience in HR process setup, support and improvement
  • Ability to adapt to a fast-changing environment and work under pressure
  • Excellent English
почему мы

Dev-Pro is a US-based outsource software development company with 6 years’ experience, a team of 400+ professionals, offices in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv and Charlotte, and long-term partnerships with more than 20 clients in the US and Europe. Dev-Pro successfully works with projects of various size and complexity, from innovative startups to market leaders, due to its established infrastructure and flexible management. One of our clients is a major player in the Point of Sale (POS) domain in the US market. Other projects are involved in different business domains including: education, real estate, financial, travel and bookings.

We envision ourselves as a company of 500-600 people by the end of 2018. Having set such an ambitious goal for growth, we are now facing an exciting period of adapting company structure and processes to the new reality. This requires the restructuring and growth of the operations teams, including the HR Department, as one of those vital teams.

о компании

Ты знакомишься с компанией, которая поддержит твоё стремление к профессиональному развитию!

Dev-Pro основана в 2011 году, имеет бизнес-центр в Америке, центры разработки в Харькове, Днепре, Киеве, Львове и Шарлотте, реализует долгосрочные проекты для более чем 20 клиентов в США и Европе силами команды из 400+ специалистов.

Компания объединяет гибкий менеджмент и налаженную инфраструктуру, придерживается высоких стандартов коммуникации и эффективности, обеспечивающих быстрое принятие решений.

Dev-Pro является соорганизатором KharkivJS c 2012 года, самостоятельно провела четыре больших мероприятия для проектных менеджеров PMCon с общей аудиторией более 1200 участников, а также организовала первую в Харькове конференцию для бизнес-аналитиков BAConf. На нашем счету 17 публичных митапов по разным технологиям и масштабная конференция DevTalk. В 2017 году к образовательным инициативам Dev-Pro добавились открытые курсы для опытных разработчиков по Node.js и Angular.

Мы поощряем профессиональный рост наших специалистов, помогая их саморазвитию ресурсами компании. Присоединяйся и достигай большего вместе с нами!

Наша специализация:

Веб-технологии: Node.js, JavaScript (jQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation, Ember.js, KnockoutJS, Backbone.js, Angular, ReactJS), CoffeeScript, Pixel Perfect HTML, CSS (SASS/Less)

Языки программирования: Microsoft .NET, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby On Rails, C++

CMS: WordPress, Drupal, Magento

Мобильная разработка: iOS, Android, PhoneGap

SaaS: Amazon Web Services, The Rackspace Cloud, Windows Azure

Базы данных: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle

Это твоя карьера — сделай правильный выбор с Dev-Pro.


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