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Full-stack developer Python (+ JS) senior

29 д
задачи на первые 3 месяца

We are building an online algo-trading platform. You will be co-creating our software system and will be developing new features. The basic technical challenges that we solve are:

  • to build and run an automated real-time distributed system
  • to ensure correctness, reliability, 24h / 7 availability, security
  • algo-trading

Sample work areas:

  • distributed systems
  • trading engine
  • web application (user interface)
  • dev infrastructure

See itrader.pl/en/jobs/full-stack-developer for more details.

что понадобится

Core requirements:

  • You write correct, minimal, easy to maintain code.
  • You develop complex software systems.
  • You get larger tasks done by yourself. You select appropriate technologies and solutions.
  • You deliver quality results. You care about correctness, completeness, cleanliness.
  • Python + Linux.

Nice to have:

  • Experience: You have developed significant parts of a medium or larger software system.
  • You can start quickly.
  • JavaScript.
  • Experience with other technologies used (see itrader.pl/en/jobs/full-stack-developer).
почему появилась вакансия

We need skilled developers to help us build our product and to make sure it works reliably.

почему мы
  • $4000-$5000 gross monthly salary
  • Warsaw, Poland (office) or remote.
  • Paid vacation.
  • Be one of the first employees, make large impact.
  • Co-create innovative, unique product.
  • Work with smart, competent people.
  • Gain solid experience in building complex software system.
  • Learn / use professional software development process.
  • Position yourself in the prospective algo-trading industry.
  • Learn / use modern technologies in demand.

о компании

Intelligent investment systems

The core activity of iTrader.pl is research and development
in the field of automated trading systems and intelligent prediction.

Our systems will radically change stock market investors\’ decision-making.



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