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Project manager in our team is someone who: elicits requirements, builds project plans, estimates risks and helps the rest of the team to bring the project to fruition. Simply put — makes both our clients and us happy.

что понадобится

At a minimum, we expect you to
— get on with almost anyone like a house on fire;
— be able to fluently conduct calls in English (B2+);
— clearly see the relationship between cause and effect;
— be ready to supervise multiple projects simultaneously;
— be a good listener;
— excel at Excel;
— read between the lines;
— enjoy being in charge;
— be punctual and systematic;
— love approaching new and unconventional tasks.

We are in love if you also
— have experience working in IT;
— have worked with designers before;
— know what PMBOK is;
— understand how marketing and design are interconnected;
— completed any relevant courses.

почему появилась вакансия

Now, here\'s what\'s on us
— amazing team and warm friendly atmosphere;
— down to earth and humane management;
— personal and professional growth;
— absorbing projects;
— fair compensation;
— light office and cookies;
— 50% coverage of courses and training costs;
— educational materials database;
— working hours from 10 am to 7 pm.

We are not a match if
— you are looking for a part-time job or remote work opportunities;
— you doubt your spoken or written English is good enough (we ask candidates to showcase their skills during the interview);
— you don\'t value literacy as much as we do;
— you feel you are not attentive enough (start your message with \"WOW\" if you\'ve read this far);
— well, if we simply have different values.

Mind that we do believe that enthusiasm and desire to grow professionally always compensate for the absence of relevant experience.

Please, describe what you love most about Project Management in a cover letter and let’s meet.

Good luck!

почему мы
We are Lazarev.Agency and we design websites and interfaces. Mostly for companies within the United States and Europe. We build corporate portals, admin panels, mobile applications and everything else that falls under the category of UX/UI design. We are in a good way maniacal about details when it comes to our work, and are currently looking for someone who\'s alike.

о компании

Мы делаем первоклассные продукты, начиная от простых лендигов и корпоративных сайтов до мобильных приложений, CRM и ERP систем. Офис находится на ул.Cаксаганского — совсем в центре Киева. У нас преобладают украинские клиенты, которых мы очень любим и которыми гордимся. Среди них Новая Почта, Укравтодор, Ideasfirst и т.д. Мы учим, даем свободу и интересные проекты, но требуем максимальное вовличение и самоотдачу.

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