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Senior Python Engineer

@Waverley Software
110 д
задачи на первые 3 месяца

  • Developing the new functionality to extend platform capabilities
  • Gather metrics on usage regarding system login and auditing
  • Integrating APIs with existing technology and third-party APIs
  • Conducting code reviews to ensure code adheres to development standards
  • Collaborating with other technical leaders across the organization to develop best practices
что понадобится
  • 3+ years in Python development with no less than
  • 5+ years of summary commercial software development of various backend systems
  • Technical and partially functional decision making based on high-level dials and current understanding of the team goals and priorities
  • Can-do attitude
  • Risk management skills, proactivity
  • AWS (console and ideally APIs)
  • Experience with PyTest
  • Flask knowledge and general API development
  • Experience using PostgreSQL and SQS (understanding how systems with any messaging queue work is enough, aws’ beanstalk worker is used)
  • Flexibility in architectural views
  • Ability to refactor mercilessly (the project has its way of doing things)
  • Upper-intermediate English is required for daily verbal sync-up meeting with the client

Tools: Jira, GitHub, GitHub pipeline for CI, Docker containers for Docker compose

Will be a plus: AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure

почему появилась вакансия

Waverley Software is looking for a mature Python Engineer and confident communicator to work with us on testing platform development.

About our client

API Canary is a serverless production testing platform that allows developers and dev-ops engineers to build and deploy custom production Canary Tests that go beyond the standardized testing tools available on the market today and directly test the business specific pieces of a company’s infrastructure that matter most.
These production Canary Tests are deployed and executed, on a schedule, using our custom, multi-cloud, serverless platform, eliminating the need for the complex home-grown systems in use today.
As Canary Tests are executed, results are instantly reporting via our analytics dashboard and, if necessary, pushed to alerting mechanisms such as Twilio and PagerDuty.

почему мы

At Waverley we:

  • are based in Silicon Valley, have offices in Lviv and Kharkiv
  • learn from the best (73% of our engineers are Senior)
  • apply the latest technologies, try out the trends
  • see the world (while travelling to our US or Europe-based clients)
  • use the most state-of-the-art equipment (all workstations are fully customized)
  • lead a healthy lifestyle (we care about our employees)
  • work from our most comfortable places (still preserving the cosy spot in the office)

о компании

Waverley is a multinational software engineering company with the Californian roots and American heart. Our development centers, spreading to Eastern Europe and SouthEast Asia, provide the exceptional nuance-filled software development services to the innovative and industry-leading companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

With the history of working with such giants as Mozilla, Toyota and Vodafone, we maintain the degree of excellence in everything we do. Our elite teams of senior software engineers deliver refined and elegant solutions to the most demanding clients requiring latest, most ground-breaking technologies.

To ensure the comfort of our employees, we provide a choice in terms of:
— the workplace (ability to work from any place that inspires: be it a cosy office spot or a tropical paradise, traveling to any of our locations or visiting our Silicon Valley-based clients)
— the tools (customized workstations and state-of-the-art technologies)
— the opportunities (ability to grow, learn and move forward)

Join the elite team of Waverley engineers.
Check our job openings and find a position that would make your heart leap:

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