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This role will require full management of B2B marketing lifecycle, from generation of marketing strategy to its execution & monitoring of results. You will be working with both our existing customers and potential ones. Given the seriousness of the task ahead you will be reporting directly to the CEO.

We will consider your work successful if within 6-12 months:

— We arrive at the industry conference and we won’t have to explain to the participants over and over what our company does.

— Whenever potential partners search anything about us — they find relevant information after which they’ll clearly understand what is the value we provide.

— Our existing customers and partners understand the latest developments of our products & recognise us as a global expert in property tech.

— We will see a growing amount of inbound leads for the demo of our solutions.

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— Are fluent in English: You will communicate predominantly within an international business environment, thus written and spoken professional English is a must for this job.

— Have international B2B marketing experience: You are a B2B marketing expert and you are willing to apply your knowledge across the whole range of marketing channels.

— Commercially Aware: You understand that even though marketing has the elements of “art” at the end of the day it’s goal is to drive awareness and revenue and you know how to tie those elements together.

— Tech-savvy: You are not afraid to understand how software products are built and how they benefit stakeholders using them.

— Driven: You are motivated to achieve success both at work and in your personal life.You don’t wait for people to tell you what to do — you tell us what needs to be done so we all “live and prosper”.

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Homsters is an international property tech company. We create amazing software solutions for selling property developments to online buyers. Our products are being used around the world by some by some of the biggest real estate classifieds and property developers. Our innovation hub is located in Kyiv, Ukraine, and other offices are in Almaty, Kazakhstan and Istanbul, Turkey. We are doing great but we have a challenge to solve: we massively need to improve how we communicate with the market. What makes this task challenging is that we are one of the first ones on a global scale to offer such solutions and unfortunately our current team’s strong suit is building great products — not self-promotion. We recognize our communications have been rather scattered, even a bit chaotic at times. Which is why we need a B2B marketing guru to help us take our well deserved spot as global leaders of this niche.

почему мы

о компании


Our real estate choices are some of the most important and expensive ones in life. At the same time, real estate providers have trouble adapting to the digital era and spend billions on advertising, and yet — the customer experience they create does not fit the expectations of new age buyers. This creates enormous inefficiencies, especially on emerging markets. We believe that there has to be a better way!

Where are we based: 50+ software developers, data scientist and digital marketers are located in our R&D centre in the heart of Europe: Kiev, Ukraine.
Our experience: We operate our own platform in Kazakhstan, (, Turkey (, Hungary (, Serbia (, UAE (…​rty-for-sale/new-projects) and co-operate with portals worldwide helping them build a leading new development business line for their markets.

Our passion is creating online-services, which:
— provide buyers with relevant, comparable, transparent information about their property choices
— assist in purchase process.

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