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задачи на первые 3 месяца


  • Strong communication with the Art Team

  • Discuss and innovate new features with the Tech Artists

  • Profile and optimize graphics features

  • Test and bring new graphical things to use for our game (Unity\\\'s rendering pipeline, AR foundation, ...)

  • Troubleshooting and bug fixing

что понадобится
The experience & skills you are expected to have:
  • Unity knowledge

  • Knowledge of shaders (Cg, HLSL, GLSL, ...)

  • Enthusiastic about learning new things as Unity keeps on evolving

  • The capability of debugging graphical issues that might pop-up when updating Unity, platform operating systems or new devices

  • Linear Algebra

The following areas are considered an advantage:

  • Interest in performance in general (Burst, Job System, compute shaders)

  • Willingness to give internal or external presentations about some topics

  • Amazing math skills

почему появилась вакансия

Our client is currently looking for an experienced Graphics Programmer to join their team in Helsinki.

The company is using the Unity Game Engine. Their ideal candidate is familiar with how Unity does its rendering, cameras and handles graphical assets. They have custom shaders to do a special kind of lighting. Geometry instancing is used to allow a lot of assets inside their digital product. They generate some 3D models and textures on the fly. There are even some AR features in their game. The team is also constantly thinking of new ways to amaze their players visually. If developing these kinds of things further sounds interesting to you, you might be the right person for the job.

почему мы
  • A relaxed, non-corporate atmosphere

  • Comfortable office in the heart of Helsinki, a city renown for it's modernity and closeness to nature

  • Systems that are genuinely interesting and challenging to develop

  • A competitive salary and other amazing benefits

о компании

Matchmaking developers with Finnish game companies.

Games Factory Talents helps matching developers with IT and game companies. The team has a track record of organizing successful recruitment events, leading to hired developers for the Finnish game industry.

Our key talent attraction activities are IT and Games Job Fairs, matchmaking developers to Finnish game companies and outstaffing developers for fixed-term projects. We have an ever-growing GDPR compliant database of developers.

Games Factory Talents is a brand operated by We Got Talent Oy, a joint venture formed by Finnish Game Day and Games Factory.

We are looking for programmers, developers, engineers, designers, artists, analysts, producers, QA engineers, etc. And we value each candidate.


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