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The person will work in Kiev. Initial training period will be for circa 1.5 months at our Swiss/France offices to work with the main team on the content for the Russian version of the platform.

The person we are looking for should have the following skills:
1 — really good English reading/writing
2 — good English speaking
3 — proper Russian speaking
4 — experience in editing / writing content for SEO
5 — advanced good computer user (should be able to use several programs: office package / internet / internet applications)
6 — html programming skills
7 — engineer degree is a plus

His/her task will be:
1 — editing / writing content for SEM/SEO activity
2 — editing / writing content for mailing list / promotional email
3 – he/she will work every day with: SEO expert, marketing team and with the development team to verify that the website / new feature correctly fit the Russian market

Really appreciated are skills/experience in:
1 — Social Marketing (vkontakte, facebook, etc activities / promotional)
2 — SEO technique knowledge

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