An open letter to UEFA Commitee, Mr. Michel Platini and To Whom It May Concern


The text below is an open letter from Ukrainian entrepreneurs and active Internet users, who support Denis Oleinikov in his urge towards finding out the real reasons around the case of company, as well as attempt to dispute for the actions  of Euro-2012 Board of Directors in Ukraine and its Director Mr. Markiyan Lubkivskiy. 

We would like to ask journalists and readers as well as other people interested in justice and freedom of business in Ukraine to spread this letter over the web and offline media. 

Dear UEFA Organising Committee,

Dear Mr. Michel Platini,

Few years ago when the news about hosting EURO2012 spread among Ukrainians, we were very glad and proud of such an honor for Ukraine. This event promised to be a very good sign for Ukraine. We started to believe in positive changes in tourism, transport and sport infrastructure that would establish better living standards for every average Ukrainian.

After some time, along with actual activity, the Championship began to be associated with corruption and wastefullness of the government.

The preparation for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship has exceeded any conceivable budget and made us to accept the fact with a heavy heart.

But all that is nothing in comparison with the fact that the power-wielding structures now started destroying small business activity using Your fair name.

By the below-mentioned links you may get evidence how under the guise of EURO 2012 and without any notification and warning they have destroyed the business of the honest-minded Ukrainian entrepreneur Denis Oleynikov and criminated him. How it all started and what we have:

We should draw your attention that according to the Ukrainian and International Law the company is not responsible for control of the ordered products, as well as your organization, e.g., can not be held accountable for any extremist statements of the football «hooligans» across the world.

Nevertheless, the employees of have been detained for a half a day without explanations and being menaced with guns from the Ukrainian police. They were not able to contact a lawyer or even to go to the water closet for almost 8 hours, even pregnant woman.

We truly hope you will interfere in this case and will not allow any possibility to associate Your name, symbols of free and honest football, fair game and UEFA / EURO-2012 attributes with the human rights violation and forcible deprivation of a fair business in Ukraine.

Thank You very much for Your attention and we hope for any assistance from You in this case.

Данный материал — это текст открытого коллективного письма украинских предпринимателей и активных интернет-пользователей, поддерживающих Дениса Олейникова в его стремлении выяснить причины событий вокруг компании, а также оспорить действия дирекции Евро-2012 в Украине во главе с Маркияном Лубкивским. Письмо обращено к Комитету УЕФА и лично господину Мишелю Платини.

Просьба к журналистам, просто читателям и всем неравонодушным — всеми возможными способами посодействовать распространению данного материала, а также попаданию его в медиа.

Для распространения предлагаются следующие возможности:

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