PHP Developer for startup


Start-up (already received sufficient funding) looking for a Web Developer.
What is it about: pretty, fast and useful hotel search engine like the one Google has (, but for the Runet

What you will be able to do:
• create an interesting and useful service (and make the world better)
• suggest and realized your ideas in your favorite technologies of web programming
• constantly improve the service and observe real advantages (we hope they will be advantages) based on the results of user testing
• book hotels for yourself and your friends at the very best prices
We hope that you:
• know OOP in PHP very well and have used PHP as the main language in live projects
• wrote enough code in JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery in order to know pros and cons of the popular libraries
We will force you to:
• use unit tests, code reviews and continuous integration
• ability of select and recommend your future colleagues
• salary quite enough to buy your favorite sort of coffee or tea instead of Lipton and Nescafe
• paid hotel (chosen by the company, obviously 🙂 ) for your yearly vacation.

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