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https://hydrosphere.io/, https://devcompliance.com/
Enterprise, Outsource

PROVECTUS is a team of proactive experts in software development, design, QA, Big Data & Analytics, DevOps, and Business Consulting that works efficiently together as a team.

We look for a “SWAN” (smart, works hard, ambitious, and nice) in all our candidates and when we get them on board, we keep investing in professional development with a set in in-house training programs and external expertise including.

  • Expert Days on DevOps, Big Data, Mobile, Enterprise Java, and JavaScript;
  • Hackathons where we field-test things like IoT, Block-Chain and other top technologies;
  • Soft Skills Clubs to help our team members develop intercultural communication, negotiating, time management and other skills useful at work;
  • Structured educational program Formula-1 with training and mentoring aimed at developing leadership skills, and PM Club for those of the employees that want to develop capabilities.

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