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Львов, Харьков
Seagate, Matrixx, ZOTT, GridPoint, Jibo, Toyota, Mozilla
FinTech, Healthcare, Robotics

Waverley is a multinational software engineering company with the Californian roots and American heart. Our development centers, spreading to Eastern Europe and SouthEast Asia, provide the exceptional nuance-filled software development services to the innovative and industry-leading companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

With the history of working with such giants as Mozilla, Toyota and Vodafone, we maintain the degree of excellence in everything we do. Our elite teams of senior software engineers deliver refined and elegant solutions to the most demanding clients requiring latest, most ground-breaking technologies.

To ensure the comfort of our employees, we provide a choice in terms of:
— the workplace (ability to work from any place that inspires: be it a cosy office spot or a tropical paradise, traveling to any of our locations or visiting our Silicon Valley-based clients)
— the tools (customized workstations and state-of-the-art technologies)
— the opportunities (ability to grow, learn and move forward)

Join the elite team of Waverley engineers.
Check our job openings and find a position that would make your heart leap: https://waverleysoftware.com/careers/

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